Entry #1


2008-08-12 04:42:36 by VoodooSmile

Hi everyone. (who might read this)

I'm new here, but I'm a visitor for a long time now. Never got much beyond the games page though, cause if I had seen the audio portal before I'd be here much earlier.
So yeah, I love games, "casual gaming" and that.. and I love music... I've made the music to the game called Escape Artist, by Mateusz Skutnik, from the Submachine/ Covert Front / Daymare Town (you know the guy) series... and I'm looking forward to make music to more games around. Or flash-thigies whatever. I've put up a small portfolio of my work at a myspace website (the link is in my profile), and I'll be putting some music up here soon.

Cheers, and see you around!


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